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                          Our emerging calendar 2017 & 2018


20 - 23 April - Practicing for Life - a dojo for warriors and stewards of the heart , Southern France with Marc Levitte & Toke Moeller and friends.

16 - 18 April - Flow game host training, Southern France - with Monica Nissen & Toke Moeller


13 December to 13 January - winter retreat in Sejs

4 - 8 December - Practicing for life - Art of hosting for YIP in Piracanga Eco Village, Bahia, Brazil - with Rachel Derrah, Isabel Chender and Toke Moeller - Invitation coming soon.

30 November - Community Flow games in Sao Paulo, Brazil - with Valentine Giraud, Rachel Derrah, Isabel Chender and Toke Moeller - Invitation coming soon.

29 November - Practicing for Life - a dojo day for warriors and stewards of the heart - at Dojo Harmonia, Sao Paulo, Brazil - with Jose Bueno Sensei, Rachel Derrah, Isabel Chender and Toke Moeller - Invitation coming soon.

24 - 26 November - Practicing for Life - a dojo day for warriors and stewards of the heart - at Bogota, Colombia - with Rowan Simonsen, Rachel Derrah, Isabel Chender and Toke Moeller - Invitation coming soon.

22 - 23 November - Flow game host training, Bogota, Colombia - with Toke Moeller

7 - 8 - 9 November - Practing for peace dojo - with 40 younger leaders from Israel, Palestine, Northern Ireland and Ireland in Dublin for the Spaces to Breathe project with Broangh Gallegher, Kieron Concannon Jules Hamilton and Toke Moeller.

4 November - Practicing for Life - a dojo day for warriors and stewards of the heart - at Falkland Estate, Scotland - Invitation coming soon.

2 - 5 November - Co creaticve leadership - Art of hosting and harvesting training, with Mary Alice Arthur, Jan Hein Nielsen, Bolette Nyrop,  Søren Thorborg, Helle Solvang, Thine Holm, Monica Nissen and more in Kalundborg Denmark. - Invitation here.

1 & 2 November - The big question for many is how do we actually go about collaborating well? -  Groundwork training for Scotland. - Download invitation here

8 October - Community Flow games at the Kaospilots in Århus with new flow game hosts , Thine Holm & Toke Moeller - see invitation here.

5 - 8 October - Flow game host training in Sejs, Denmark.

19 - 20 September - 2 days of GroundWork training in Brisbane, Australia. - Download invitation here. - More information and registration here.

16 - 17 September - Practicing for life - a Warrior and Stewards of the Heart dojo in Brisbane, Australia.- Toke Moeller and a Queenslander team. Please see invitation here Invitation here: It will be 1.5 days, low cost and non-residential, with families welcome! Stay tuned for invitation and registration info. We hope to see some of you the

20 August - European Forum Alpbach - Stories of Conflict & Coperation  - a Collective Story Harvest evening - Philippe Narval & Toke Moeller

16 - 19 August - Conflict & Cooperation is this year's theme for European Forum Alpbach 2017 - The practice of participatory leadership recognises strategic dialogue and conversations as drivers for development and change. - How to face challenges in a participatory manner in companies and organisations as well as the wider community? - Particiaptory Leadership training. - See invitation here.

13 August - Community Flow games - Gmunden Austria - download invitation here.

8 - 9 June - The Art of GroundWork training - with James Ede & Toke Moeller - Copenhagen, Denmark - What is the one most important thing to organise well?  - More information in the beginning of 2017. - See more video introductions here.

1 - 4 June - Entering the times - But knowing the timeless - Remembering who I am- Before entering the world of humans - Is an act of great simplicity  - Wherever practitioners show up and are ready to learn and teach both, there the dojo arises. - Warrior of the heart dojo in the dojo within the dojo in Sejs by Silkeborg, Denmark - with the dojo team & Toke Moeller. - See invitation here.

10 - 12 May - Masterclass for erfarne proceskonsulenter - Gør modstand i processer til livebekræftende handlinger gennem ledelses-dojo. Tiden kalder på stærke ledere, men den kalder også på en ny slags ledelse. Ledelse hvor det at kunne favne og integrere menneskelige relationer, veldesignet proces, bevidst strategi, kloge beslutninger på helhedens vegne er vigtigt. - see invitation here:  - Register here:

 20 - 23. April 2017 -  In the midst of the noise - Of competing interests  - Those shouting yes - Those shouting no - The growing talk of war - This is a call to those looking for another way - of being and doing    - Warrior of the Heart dojo for Scotland,  at The Falkland Center for Stewardship - Toke Moeller, Ninian Stuart, Pamela Galbraith, Bronagh Gallagher, Vishal Jodhani & Connecting Scotland team. See invitation here. -
A very different Laird family of the Falkland Estate - a story stewardship.

 31 March - 1 - 2 April - How may practicing my “Warriorship” and “Midwifeship” of the heart be of service to my life, my community and our Earth? - Warrior of the heart dojo at Windhorse farm, Nova Scotia, Canada - Jim & Margaret Drescher, Sophia Horwitz, Rachel Derrah, Bronagh Gallagher and Toke Moeller. - Invitation here Register here.

28 - 29 - 30. March -  The art of groundworking in service of you community - Halifax Nova Scotia, Canada with Sophia Horwitz, Rachel Derrah, Bronagh Gallagher and Toke Moeller. - What is the one most important thing to organise well?   - See more video introductions here.  - Invitation here. - Registration details here.

23 March - Leadership for collaboration - Join a free lecture with Toke Moeller at Dalhousie University, Halifax, Canada - Hosted by Environment, Society and Sustainabiltiy, College of Sustainability. - For more information check out the Dalhousie website.

 21 - 23 March - What do we need to name, learn and share about harvesting to amplify the impact of participatory leadership everywhere? - Harvesting, Evaluation & Research - Art of hosting practitioners gathering with a focus on Stratigic harvesting - at the Change Lab Actions Initiative St Mary's University, Halifax. -  invitation here.

18.3  - 24.3. - Monica  - and Toke - 18 March to 4 April in Nova Scotia. See activities here.

 24 February - Samsø 3.0 - What possibilities do you see that Samoe shall live from in the future? - Citizen open space meeting on the future of our island - as a Zero fossil fuel community by 2030 community.

 11 February - “What issue or project do I care enough about to explore and co-create with others, in service to the people and nature of Goa?” - Community Open Space for people and nature of Goa, India. - See harvest here.

2 - 4 February - How may practicing my “Warriorship” and “Midwifeship” of the heart be of service to my life, my community and our Earth? - Warrior of the Heart dojo, North Goa, India - see invitation here. Toke and a Goa team. . See Flyer here.

 25 January - 13 February 2017 - Toke Healing and practicing - Warrior of the Heart dojo / Learning village for Goa, India.

16 January - The art of personal practice - at the Master in Strategis Leadership towards Sustainability, Blekinge Technical High school, Karlskrona Sweden with Toke Moeller and Alexander Craig.


20 December - 12 January - Winter retreat 2016 in Sejs

13 - 14 December - The art of harvesting training in The European Commission, Brussels - Monica.

11 December - Do you have a important personal question to explore? - Community flow games - Sortedamsskolen, Østerbro, Copenhagen - download invitation here.

9 - 11 December - Flow Game Host training, Copenhagen - contact Toke for more information.

2 - 4 DECEMBER  - How can I contribute to re-generating communities and transform the system I live in? - How can I become a participatory leader using the Art of Hosting approach? - The Art of participatory Leadership Training for  India at the Swaraj University in Udaipur, Rajastan, India - Marc Levitte - and the Indian team. SAVE THE DATE download here.

5 - 8 October 2016 - How can you exercise leadership in a way that fosters collaboration and advances the potential of your organisation? - The Art of participatory Leadership, Geneva, Monica, Caroline Renee and a local team - download invitation here.

5 - 6 October  2016 in Slovenia at the coast - Making an honourable living:  Tim Merry, with guest host Toke Møller  - During two days we will explore the journey of making a living and doing work for the common good of All - through staying connected to our integrity.-  See video interview with Toke here. See photo harvest here:  - See full harvest here.

3 - 8 October 2016 In Slovenia at the coast - European Practitioners Gathering in Slovenia - Download invitation here.


16 May -  1 October - Summer retreat in Sejs

12  - 15 May - Warrior of the heart dojo in Sejs, Denmark. - See more information here - & download invitation here.

3 - 4 May - How do I and we prepare and organise for impactful cocreation? - Ground Work Training  - The Art of Organizing -  in Copenhagen with Rowan Simonsen, James Ede and Toke - See invitation here.

22 April - The art of participatory Leadrship awareness day 2 - New Delhi, India, Marc Levitte, Toke and a local team - See invitation here. - and much information here.

14 - 16 April - The art of participatory Leadrship training - Hyderabad, India, Marc Levitte, Toke and a local team. - See invitation here. - and much information here.

3 April - Community Flow games, Brisbane- see invitation here.

1 - 3 April - Flow game host training - Brisbane - Australia - - Valmae, Mel & Toke and a local team

21.3 - 23. March - Qcoos - Brisbane - Australia - Toke

15.3 - 17. March - Uniting care - Participatory Leadership training training - Brisbane - Australia, - Penny & Team, Monica & Toke

11.3 - 13. March - Warrior of the heart dojo, Coochiemudlo Island, Brisbane- Australia - See flyer here- Monica & Toke

10 March in Brisbane - Connecting Global Networks Locally - How can we connect movements for change and learn together? with Frank Martin, Jane Geltch, Mel Geltch, Monica Nissen and Toke        - please download invitation here.

29.2 - 4. March - Warrior of the heart and the art of hosting for the YIP team, Järna, Sweden - Kajsa, Maira & Toke

27. February - How will we together make Gellerup & Toveshøj even better? - 2 Stakeholder Assembly, Aarhus - Monica & Toke

4 - 5. February - How will we together lead and cocreate an even better society for citizens in our regions and Municiplities? - Strategic conversation between Mayors and municipality directors - SKL, Stockholm - Toke

26 - 28 Januar - Art of harvesting training - the European Commission - Monica

3. January - New years flow games with mates in Copenhagen - Helle, Peter og toke



29.10 - The art of participatory leadership practice through hosting and harvesting conversations and work the matter. - Awareness intro day in New Delhi - with Marc Levitte and Toke Moeller and a local team

24.10 - The art of participatory leadership practice through hosting and harvesting conversations and work the matter. - Awareness intro day at the Impact Hub in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia - with Marc Levitte and Toke Moeller and a local team


 13 - 15 October -  Lithuania - How can we create and support spaces where people really enjoy learning, working and creating together? 
Art of Hosting in Education is an international 3 day deep inquiry and capacity building training program for all stakeholders in education. This training is for everyone who want to gain a deep understanding of learning and education, develop their skills in leading learning communities and organizations, get inspiration and support for their projects, and become a part of a network of like-minded, highly motivated people.
See invitation here . Facebook here.

Tues 29th Sept - Fri 2nd Oct 2015. - This invitation is delivered to you, as we believe you may share our aspiration for whole system change in Scotland. - Art of Participatory Leadership training, New Lanark,  We are delighted to invite you to attend the forthcoming 3 day training course, in the Art of Participatory Leadership, which is being held later this year in the New Lanark Mill Hotel. The hotel is situated in the World Heritage site of New Lanark,  in the very heart of Scotland. with Monica Nissen, Linda Joy Michell, Toke, and the Scottish team Bronagh, Gorden, Sandy, Andy Russell and Pamela and Connecting Scotland. - Please download the invitation here.  

2 - 5 September in Copenhagen - Creating the future we all want to live in - building capacity for real dialogue and collaboration across civil society, private and public sectors - How can we create spaces for people to come together in conversation and action that serves both the collective and the individual? - Participatory leadership training in Denmark - The team: Monica, Mary Alice, Jan Hein, James Ede, Toke and a local team - Please download invitation hereFor more information about the training see here. - See The Harvest newsletter here.

- 19 - 22 August - Participatory leadership training for European Forum Alpbach, Austria  - with  Monica Nissen, Mary Alice Arthur, Toke Moeller, Christian Hörl and an apprenticing team  - see invitation here. 

- 6 - 9 August - Art of participatory leadership training for Northern Ireland, Mary Alice Arthur, Bronagh Gallagher, Zand, Monica, Toke and a local team. Please download invitation here.

- 30 June to 2 July - St. Gerold - Denkfabriken for Vorarlberg region in Austria - What is a Think Tank for the 21 century? - a strategic conversational and training learning village for all. See invitation here. - Phil Cass, Laura Weisel, Monica Nissen, Manfred Hellrig, Toke and many more.....

- 15 - 17 June - Unlikely Allies - Unlikely solutions - A multy day laboratory for the future of the impact ecosystem -  International IMPACT HUB Gathering in Cluj, Romania. - Bronagh Gallagher & Toke and an IMPACT HUB team -  See program here: - see the flow of the cafe and thr questions here - and the harvesting sheets here.

- 11 - 14 June - How can we exercise leadership in a way that brings out the best in ourselves, other people and organisations in service of us all?  - Art of particiaptory leadership training for the Frankfurt region at Sampurna Seminarhaus, Germany / Mary Alice, Ursula, Toke and a local team. Download invitation here. - see a special registration and resource website here.

28 - 29 May - URO Lab 1 - case Gellerup - To explore how self-­‐organising urban processes can be converted to real tools to enable a more inclusive and participatory public administration. To develop
a generic model - some principles - guidelines for a dynamic, interdisciplinary collaboration platform - University of Arhus.

14 - 15 May - The at of strategic harvesting and process design - a Participatory leadership workshop for Uniting Care Community, Queensland, Australia. 

11 - 12 May - Strategic conversation between executive leaders and managers, Uniting Care Community, Queensland.

5 - 8 May - Creating not waiting - a Social Innovation  learning village Queensland at Cedar lodge. -  - Download the invitation here. - with the Jeder Institute and Future by design

- 1- 3 May - Warrior of the heart dojo at at Cedar lodge, Queensland, Australia - Please download invitation here - Martin Challis & Toke. - See the