The creative path between Chaos and Order 

See videos about leading and working chaordic way and from our work with health care system in Columbus, Ohio, USA and other places here. 

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What could strategic conversations also be, if I hosted them with wisdom, focus, balance and courage ?

Instead of relying on controlling every detail in our organisations or communities from the top down, many leaders today see the need to access the collective intelligence of everyone. Some organisations and communities gladly share the responsibility, as well as the benefits, which results in a shared leadership and a high degree of commitment.

In moving from just operating in a hierarchical organising pattern, the need for top down control is giving way to order created by ‘alignment’ and ‘attunement’ through finding common ground and co-creating the strategies and actions needed in more organic ways.

We are beginning to understand and treat organisations and communities more like living systems than static machines.  This change in perspective has resulted in the need for new leaders who practice interactive ways and social technologies that work with organisations or partnerships that can allow the collective potential and intelligence of the group to come into play.

There is a path to take between Chaos and Order that leads us to the new, collective consciousness and real time innovation. It goes through our fear and confusion, but together we can travel this Chaordic path and the results are tanglible in the world and healing ourselves at the same time....
We call it the "Chaordic journey"....a path less travelled. 

Video teach on The  chaordic path chaordic & stepping stones at AoH training, Belgium March 2008