Anyone can whip up a space, an organisation or a business....
- but what is the consciousness, community and commitment behind it ?


What have we forgotten about being neighbours and citizens and living in partnership?

 a journey of rediscovering our fractal nature

This is the time to work together

like never before !


" The immedeate needs attention
– the important needs intention"

We help people have the conversations they need to have, but would not have unless they had help!

 InterChange aps  is a "for-more-than-profit " company co-created and co-owned by Toke Paludan Mřller and Monica Nissén working both in Denmark and  internationally.

 Our work is to host sustainable development and transformation for individuals, leaders and organisations through meaningful conversations that lead to wiser collective actions.

One of our core beliefs is that, in most cases, the necessary resources are already present, in individuals as well as in organisations, to solve their own problems and to create their futures, provided that we learn together how to bring the individual and collective knowledge, intelligence, wisdom, creativity and inner courage into play.


 "Maybe all the conflicts and wars in the world is because of all the conversations that never took place!"

 - Queen Margrethe of Denmark