Our Work.....

Our focus is on “re-humanizing” organizations by enabling leaders to engage their stakeholders in partnerships or co-creative efforts and together create the wise solutions that work.

We help to give birth to and sustain communities of practice, networks and partnerships that can function as living organizations or systems.

Our means include process design and process hosting, using a large range of social technologies, large-scale conversations and group processes to enable the emergence of  the collective intelligence necessary to create change and wise action.

Each process is tailored to meet the needs of the particular context, challenge, purpose and outcomes

We approach each process with new attention - creating clarity around the need, core questions, the purpose and principles with the team up front.

 We discover the "architecture" or strategy from which we design and host the processes, all in close partnership withthe people with whom we are currently engaging. We have discovered that opening - learning - integrating and concluding are key phases in any process.

 We want to thank our many practitioner friends around the world -co-creators in this field of work for their love, generocity and willingness to explore their practices and learnings with us.....

We deploy the methods or combinations of methods we deem appropriate in each case.  We have  co created some of the participatory methods ourselves and have  learned some of them from practitioner colleagues across the world.