The learning and and the process of learning were one. A powerful experience!

I came looking for a heart based dialogue practice.  

It was successful on all levels for me.

Lots of great techniques including addition of other methodologies such as AI, open space.

I felt it was perfect

The modeling of warriorship, heart, passion will always be with me

The presenters shared themselves fully with us

It was a unique learning experience

Presenters were very respectful of each participant

An atmosphere of  trust and respect was developed very quickly

We lived the art of hosting and harvesting

Continue to do your sensei work with the humility that inspires others to just be real.

This is a gift.

Thank you for making space for us to state our needs as learners

I appreciate the notion of humble hobbit sensei

I have worked community dialogue for more than 30 years; - this training challenged me, led me deeper and thrilled me

What people say when they have experienced our way of working...

If we all could work together like this, there would be no problem.

I have been longing for days like this for a long time.

I learned to center myself and stay centered

I understand better the role of warrior and the midwife

Incredible sense of Community.

Just what I needed to blow gently into the fire in my belly.

I loved the interplay between the many different practices.

I appreciated the opportunity to learn and practice the teachings through embodiment rather than through conceptual understanding.

I don’t see how it could have been better learning.

This was all that I had hoped for and more. What I have taken away from this workshop is subtle and yet very deep. My life feels transformed even as I continue to integrate all the wisdom shared so generously.

Your work  ( Hara and InterChange ) with the Wiltshire Strategic Board (our LSP) in the planning and organisation of a major conference in  2002.  This was a critical event for the Board and its partners, being the first major event that it had hosted.  Its purpose was to engage as many ‘stakeholders’ whose commitment and support are vital to the achievement of the Board’s objectives.
The programme design was novel, radical and on the face of it, risky.  It challenged the participants to active contributions, to help to shape the event and the follow up of it.  In this way, the Conference was intended to model the styles of partnership working which the Board wishes to develop and promote.  It is fair to say that the Conference was a great success – the feedback confirmed that all participants found it highly enjoyable, and quite a unique experience.  We are building on that event with a second conference this autumn, and we had no hesitation in asking Harå and InterChange to undertake the same role this year as last.- Chief executive Wiltshire County Council, UK